Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advanced features of SharePoint 2013

Microsoft includes many new features and capabilities in new SharePoint 2013 version. SharePoint 2013 gets completed with combination of these five words: Share, Organize, Discover, Build & Manage. This version allows you to share your work with others, organize your projects and teams, and discover people and information.  

Here is the list: 

Video Support: In the previous version of SharePoint, you cannot upload videos into libraries. But in SharePoint 2013, you can easily upload a video. 

Community Sites and Portals –

Now you can also design a community site in SharePoint 2013.  If you wanted a community site for your organization, then you can use Team Site template and modify it to accomplish having a community site. These sites are registered within a Community Portal. This is one of my favorite features as now I have a central place for my organization from where people can locate communities. 

Device Channels – In the previous version of SharePoint, there was a single default view set up for mobile users. The only problem with this view is that it may or may not be user friendly to a mobile device. In SharePoint 2013, we have a feature to publish a single site in multiple ways using different designs that target different devices.

SharePoint Apps: Users can add SharePoint Apps to pages or use them from within SharePoint.


Cloud First: Now SharePoint 2013 supports cloud also. 

Simple project / task management: In SharePoint 2013, the new team site template used to manage tasks & projects. You can also assign deadlines and simple work breakdown structure for your project team.  

More Advance SharePoint Analytics: Now in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint analytics divided in to 2 new tools: search analytics and usage analytics.  

Hope the article will help you to learn advanced features of SharePoint 2013. 

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