Friday, July 29, 2011

In what cases you should use content recovery in Office SharePoint Server 2007

Content recovery is small-scale activity, refers to recovering a single document or list or multiple documents which can be performed by end users and site administrators. So you should use this option when your document or list gets corrupted. You can use content recovery by using in built MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 feature i.e. versioning.

Versioning allows the document library to keep multiple copies of the same document. If one copy suffer with any document corruption issue like virus attack, software malfunction, hardware malfunction etc then you can use another copy of the document which is created by versioning feature. Only Documents and files can be versioned.

You can turn on versioning feature at Document Library page. Use these three steps to use versioning in-built feature:

  • First click on the Settings menu,
  • After that choose Document Library Settings.
  • Go to General Setting’s section and then click on Versioning Settings.

The drawback of versioning feature is that it can only recover corrupted documents or lists. If you want to recover corrupt SharePoint site content or any other corruption apart from documents or lists corruption, you cannot use versioning feature. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides some other in-built utilities to recover corrupt SharePoint database but all utilities have their own limitations. In some cases you can use those in-built features but some cases you are not. If your SharePoint data get severely corrupt, in this case you cannot use these utilities. You have another option to tackle with these corruption issues that is use of Third-party SharePoint Server Recovery Software.
Third party SharePoint recovery software provides SharePoint data recovery from the item level to the farm level. It means, it recovers any type of data corruption either in site or content database. They have no limitations & recovers corrupt SharePoint data in most possible cause of corruption. First use demo version of any recovery software.

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