Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Recover a Corrupt SharePoint Web Application in SharePoint Server 2010

“How to recover a SharePoint Web application” I have found most of the users have same query on internet about SharePoint. So I have decided to collect information about SharePoint to explain it for every reader who wants to recover a corrupt SharePoint. Here I tried to explain this error solution. I request you to read this post completely to get the solution of this error. 

A SharePoint web application is the collection of SharePoint Site Collection, So SharePoint web application contains multiple group of sites. If SharePoint web application gets corrupt, it means all SharePoint sites get corrupted & you are not able to access your SharePoint site.
You have multiple solution of this error message but in my point of view, this is the one of the easiest way & will save you some time to resolve this error message.
A web application can have multiple content databases associated with it. First create a new web application and then use updated backup of the content database and restored it using a new name. Then attach that content database to the new web application. You can attach the content database by using the STSADM -o AddContentDB. Under certain circumstances, the AddContentDB Stsadm operation may fail. These circumstances include combinations of significant site collection size, user traffic, and SQL Server load. When the AddContentDB command fails, both the source and destination databases can be corrupted.

If you use AddContentDB, make sure that:
  • You should have back up of both the source and target databases before using this operation.
  • Set the site collection to be read-only before using AddContentDB.
This method only works when you have updated backup of your content database. If you don't have backup, then you have one another solution to resolve this error called as SharePoint Recovery Software. Here I would like to introduce a software which recover SharePoint web collection step by step, called as Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery Software.
It recovers corrupt SharePoint web application Step by Step. It recovers one by one SharePoint sites that are situated in SharePoint web application. After recovering all  corrupt SharePoint sites(full SharePoint web application), it also attach it to a new SharePoint web application. It supports SharePoint 2010 & 2007.

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