Thursday, June 16, 2011

What happened when SharePoint Site Collection get corrupted

As we all knows SharePoint site collection is the collection of SharePoint sites. Sometimes, we cannot access our SharePoint site collection that means something is really messed up with SharePoint site collection. After done some research on Google, I found two possibilities of this SharePoint site collection behavior - either SharePoint server isn't running properly or SharePoint site collection get corrupted. If SharePoint Site collection gets corrupted, then there is also a possibility of SharePoint Content database corruption because all the data of SharePoint site has been saved into the content database.

Uncountable reason behind these two possibilities:

  • improper system shutdown
  • SharePoint server malfunctioning
  • software malfunctioning
  • virus attacks
  • Hardware Problem
  • Connection break between SharePoint site & content database
  • And many more…

If SharePoint server isn't running properly, you can fix it by re-installing SharePoint Server again.

Problems occur when SharePoint site collection gets corrupt:

  • Cannot perform any activity on site collection
  • Cannot access full SharePoint site collection
  • Cannot access some sites of SharePoint site collection
  • Cannot access your content database

To resolve this issue you should use SharePoint server in-built utilities to restore your SharePoint site collection, so the first thing that is very important for SharePoint administrators as well as for all users who used SharePoint server to understand what in-built utilities are and to know the best practices for how and when to run them. There are lots of in-built utilities available in SharePoint server which used in different conditions such as command line tool stsadm, SharePoint Central Administration, SQL server backups etc.

There is one another solution that is use of Third party SharePoint Server Recovery Software. User can easily use these software by given instruction just needs to download demo version. All software related information is available in help file of software. You can easily check the preview of your database in demo version.

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