Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharepoint Configuration Database Get Corrupted What to do???-Restore Or Recovery

SharePoint configuration database is an very important part of SharePoint Server because it keeps information about other databases, servers and services that incorporate the farm. It also keep information about Web applications, solutions, Web Part packages, site templates and farm settings specific to SharePoint technologies.

Have you suffered from SharePoint Configuration Database corruption error in SharePoint server 2007:

"Cannot connect to the configuration database"

Two common steps that we follow after database corruption:

1) “When we suffer from any corruption first need to restore corrupt database from updated backup.“

2) “After that, used any in-built utility to restore corrupt database.“

But in case of Configuration Database restoration these two steps won't work.

Note: We can easily back up configuration database by using the built-in tools. But restoring backups of the configuration database from a farm by using the built-in tools is not supported in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This is because data in these databases may not be synchronized with data in other Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 databases.

In this situation you should use third party software to recover corrupt SharePoint configuration database. These software recovers corrupt SharePoint database in case of no backup.

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