Monday, May 30, 2011

Extended features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

SharePoint provides collaboration functions, process management, searching capabilities and document management together in one solution developed by Microsoft. Microsoft added some new features in SharePoint 2010 like:

Multi-Browser Support: SharePoint 2010 supports multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox.

Dialog boxes option:
In earlier version of SharePoint there is no direct dialog box option. It redirects to another web page with dialog box options. Now SharePoint will have real dialog boxes option.

Themes: Now You can apply your PowerPoint theme to your SharePoint site.

Live Preview Capability: Now you have live preview capability, so you can see how the change will look before you actually apply it.

Visio Integration:  Now you can publish visio diagrams directly to SharePoint with real time view diagram & there is no need to have a license for Visio to see the diagram.

SharePoint Workspace: Groove ie document collaboration application which acquired by Microsoft is added into Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace 2010.

Interact with other CMS systems: SharePoint 2010 will be able to interact with other CMS systems through CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services).

Fast Search: The  new version SharePoint 2010 have FAST Search option . This will also allow users to filter their search criteria.

Web Edit Feature: A new feature called Web edit allows site owners to edit their sites.  It also allow to edit typical Office documents. SharePoint 2010 is made easy to edit common Web editing tasks like uploading images, changing images & editing text.

So these are the some extended features which added by Microsoft in new version of SharePoint.

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