Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to prevent SharePoint 2007 data from corruption

SharePoint 2007 provides four main methods to prevent SharePoint data from corruption: 

First one is Versioning which helps users to keep multiple copies of the same document in a document library. If any unwanted event change, an overwritten document, or a document corruption occur then you can use the previous version to easily restored by the end user. The versioning offered in SharePoint Products and Technologies is often referred to as content versioning. 

Second one is Recycle Bin: MS SharePoint Server 2007 includes a two-stage Recycle Bin. I have already explained in my 14 february 2011 post- How to use recycle bin to prevent SharePoint data from corruption

Third one is use of Backup and recovery methods . You can use the Stsadm command-line tool or the SharePoint Central Administration Web site to back up and recover farms, databases, Web applications, and site collections. 

The last one is use of any external and third-party tools that you can use to back up and recover your corrupt SharePoint data. You can use only single software to recover corrupt SharePoint database & also for inaccessible SharePoint site content recovery.

Disadvantages of above methods:

  • The disadvantage of Versioning is that it does not support site versioning, for this you can use other tools to restore the previous versions of a site.
  • The disadvantage of Recycle Bin is that it does not support recovering deleted sites, for this you can use other tools to recover deleted sites.
  • Backup and recovery option also have some own limitations.
  • Only last option is free from any disadvantage. These Third party tools have one major advantage ie they provides demo version. From demo version you can check the preview of your repairable database.

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