Friday, May 6, 2011

How to install Microsift SharePoint Designer 2007

Some simple steps to install SharePoint Designer 2007:

  • First of all insert the SharePoint Designer 2007 installation media & start installation.
  • After that it will show a “Enter Your Product Key” screen now enter your product key.
  • If you enter the correct key, it will show green check mark. After that click on “Continue” button.
  • After that license agreement screen will open. Now check on “I accept the terms of this agreement" & click on “continue” button.
  • Now “Choose the installation you want” screen will open. After choosing your preferred types it will show two buttons “customize” & “Install Now”.
  • If you want add extra options “customize” option will help you because all options are not installed by “Install Now” option so choose options as per your requirement by customize button.
  • After that click on "Install Now" button.
  • After that installation progress screen will display.
  • After that click on "Close" button.
During installation & after installation process user suffer with some problems. Here I am discussing those problems as per my knowledge.
Q) From where we can find product key?
A) You got this key when you purchased SharePoint Designer. it would be on the back of the CD case. Always remember product key contains 25 characters.
Q) How to use “Customize” option?
A) When you click on customize option it shows three options: Installation options, File location, User information. In Installation option again it shows three options: Run from my computer, Run all from my computer, Installed on first use. Choose one option as per your requiment. You can change your installation location by File location option. Set your information on User Information option.
Q) It is necessary to use “Customize” option?
A) No, its not necessary, It depends on you if you want to add extra features as I already described in earlier answer then you can use this option.
Q) What are the system requirements for SharePoint Designer 2007?
A) Operating Systems: It supports Windows Server 2003 for Service Pack 1;Windows Vista;Windows XP Service for Pack 2.
Memory: 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
This post is all about what I have knowledge about SharePoint. If I do any mistake in my post then please suggest me I will overcome my mistake. All users suggestions are useful for me. Thanks for your precious time. Here is my small intro- I am Adam Gorge doing research on SharePoint Server, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Errors, Corruption issues of SharePoint, SharePoint Recovery Software etc..

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