Friday, April 1, 2011

How to recover corrupt SharePoint Database by using SQL Server database Backup

SharePoint can be configured for all services to run on a single server. A popular SharePoint deployment might consist of a small three-tier server farm with a data tier consisting of back-end SQL Server databases where all of the content is stored, a Web tier to deliver content to users, and an application tier hosting background services and applications.
If you want to prevent your SharePoint data from corruption then first you should prevent data tier as I described in earlier lines bulk of SharePoint information resides in a SQL Server database.

You can use advanced utility DBCC CHECKDB to check database integrity and fix the database corruption. If your database corrupt severely then DBCC CHECKDB cannot handle database corruption.

How to prevent severely corrupt SharePoint Database:

You can use two methods to prevent your database ie Restore & Recovery.

Both methods use in different situations like if your database get corrupt & you have backup then you can use restore option & if you don't have backup then you can use recovery option.

Use Restore option:

  • Restore the content database from SQL Server updated backup.
  • Go to Sharepoint Centre Admin->Application Management->Content databases and attach the content database.
  • Reset IIS
  • Reset SharePoint site collection administrator.
If restore option does not work to recover your corrupt database then you should use recovery option. Use good SharePoint Recovery Software to recover corrupt SharePoint database. Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery Software not even recover corrupt SharePoint database but also recover inaccessible SharePoint site content.

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