Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Discover the secrets to recover SharePoint Database & Complete Recovery Process!!

Are you tired of searching about SharePoint Database Recovery process and not knowing what you can actually do to recover it? If it is so then I would say your search ends here only, just read this article I am sharing the successful ways to recover your corrupt database from your own recovery steps. I am going to assume that you're little familiar with SharePoint recovery process so I am explaining it further.

Good, Better or Best Possible backup solution!

“Are SQL Server backups good enough?” Do I need a SharePoint Recovery inbuilt utilities?” The SQL Server Backup process only back up the SQL server databases. This strategy will not work if we want to recover full SharePoint recovery farm. As it is very common question of user i.e. which backup plan we should use to restore SharePoint database, often the real answer to this question is “it depends”. SharePoint is a complex platform & administrator knows that he need backup to safeguard their environments. There are many tools Microsoft makes available to backup SharePoint. The tools right fit in variety of situations and environments such as you can use the stsadm tool that comes with SharePoint to perform backups of individual content databases or collections. You can use System Center Data Protection Manager to backup full farm & so on.

Is your SharePoint Environment corruption free?

You should keep SharePoint's databases in good condition & corruption free by using standard maintenance tasks. If you are administrator of SharePoint then you should understand what are those maintenance tasks and to know for how and when to run them. First you need to check SQL Server setup is up to date with the latest patches and hotfixes. The appropriate solution to handle any corruption is daily update your database backups. The great part about Maintenance Plan is that you can use the Maintenance Plan Wizard to set it up. The wizard gives you the ability to add items such as database backups and transaction logs, to update database statistics, and to manage data such as indexes.

Made a Recovery Plan!

Database recovery planning for SharePoint environment includes ensuring the protection of their data and the continuity of all SharePoint operations. Microsoft made backup and restore capabilities that is present in the SharePoint 2007 & 2010 platform. The utilities are Native SQL Server Backup & Restore, Central Admin, Stsadm Utility, Recycle Bin & so on.

Microsoft also add many of the exciting new features into the SharePoint 2010 platform, such as unattended content database recoveries, SQL Server snapshot integration, and configuration-only backup and restore. 

A Few Words of Guidance!

You should also create your own maintenance task to make your SharePoint application corruption free. Before installation of SharePoint, you should set all automatic functions to make it better. Before applying these changes if your database gets corrupt then you don't need to worry about it. There are third party SharePoint Recovery tools available in market to resolve corruption errors & recover your data successfully. 

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