Friday, January 21, 2011

How to recover deleted SharePoint site collection

If you deleted an entire site or site collection itself how to recover it?

You can recover SharePoint site collection by using two methods:

  • First by restoring site collection backups that I have already explained earlier.
  • You have one another option ie SQL Server Backup.

In this case let's imagine that you don't update your site collection backups but you do have SQL backups.

Now how to recover deleted site collection by using SQL Server Backup. Here is all steps:

1. Create a new database and restore (through SQL Server) the last good database into it

2. At the command prompt, use stsadm command to add the content database to your site
stsadm.exe -o addcontentdb -url

3. Run an IISRESET

4. Go to Central Administration and look at the list of content databases for your web application (under Application Management). There should be two (the old one - with zero sites - and the new one just attached). Delete the old database.

5. Done! Go to your URL... all should be good again

Sometimes this method does not work because of severe corruption. SQL Server Backup is also have some limitations so in this case you should use third party SharePoint tools.

SharePoint Recovery Tool recover SharePoint data even after severe corruption.

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