Friday, November 12, 2010

Step-By-Step Sharepoint Server Recovery

In above article I explained you about causes of sharepoint database corruption & about Stellar Phoenix Sharepoint Recovery Software. Now I am going to explain how to use Stellar Phoenix Sharepoint Recovery Software.

When we can not access our Microsoft Sharepoint Database there are many causes behind this. May be whole database get corrupted or May be MDF File get corrupted or May be Sharepoint documents get corrupted. Stellar Phoenix Sharepoint Server Recovery Software helps to resolve these problems.

Steps to recover Sharepoint Database:

1) First download software demo version from the site:

Download Demo Version Of Sharepoint Recovery Software

2) When you opened software you saw two options:

a) Complete Repair

b) Document Recovery

Complete Repair option used to repair whole sharepoint database or corrupted MDF File.

Document Recovery option recover inaccesble Sharepoint website content.

So use one option (complete repair, document recovery) as per your requirement.

How to use COMPLETE REPAIR option:

1) Click on “Complete Repair”.

2) Select corrupt MDF File. This software also have option of search file. If you dont know where your corrupted file situated than you can use this option to search your file.

3) Click on “Start Scan”. Now sacn process started.

4) Now you can see the preview of your recoverable file than click on “Repair” button.

5) Save Scanned file at your desired location.

6) After that click on “OK” button.

7) As MDF File recovered software ask you to attach file to Sharepoint server.

8) If you want to attach file to sharepoint server click on “yes” otherwise “no”.

Like Complete Repair option you can also use “Document Recovery” to recover inaccessible website content.

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